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Upcoming Job Action Vote

Over the past months, your employer has used disgusting bargaining tactics that have now led to them changing the terms of your collective agreement by shamefully going around your union and bargaining committee.

When we met with your employer last week, they told us that only a few of you were upset about the changes they were making. We have spoken with thousands of you over the past week, so we know that is not true. Your employer thinks that you will not fight back.

It’s time for us to stand together to show them they are dead wrong!

That is why, starting next week, we will be holding votes online and in-person across the province to take job action, up to and including going on strike. It is critical that you vote yes to tell your employer that you are fed up with how they treat you and will never accept the agreement they are trying to force on you.

What is a job action?
A job action can be any form of protest that requires members to take action at their workplace. Job actions can include work-to-rule campaigns (employees do no more than the minimum required by the rules of your collective agreement), rotating strikes, work stoppages for a few hours, and full strikes.

Will we go on strike?
We will be informing members of any job actions that we are going to take. It could include some strike action, however, the union will need a mandate, which is 51% of your votes, to conduct any job actions.

Voting will begin on Monday, January 20 and will be open until Tuesday, January 28. If we have your email on file, you will be emailed a pin code that can be used to vote. If you prefer to vote in person, or if we do not have your email, you can go to one of our voting locations. For a full list of locations, visit https://stuckinthepast.ca/meeting-locations/.

If you are not receiving our emails, please update your contact information at www.stuckinthepast.ca or by calling your Member Resource Centre at 1-877-672-7348.
You can also call your MRC if you have any questions or concerns.
As your union, we will continue to push back against your employer’s shameful bargaining tactics and fight for a fair contract that gives you the respect and dignity you deserve.

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