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Important Update for Our CarePartners Members

Over the past month, SEIU Healthcare’s bargaining team has been updating you about the potential of CarePartners changing the terms of your collective agreement as a means of putting pressure on our members and our bargaining team.

As expected, your employer has provided you notice that they will change the terms of your collective agreement starting January 10, 2020.

The bargaining team continues to maintain their position that they will not accept this form of bullying from CarePartners. We do not agree with forcing new terms of employment on members and we reject this employer’s offer.

Your union will be pushing back against this tactic by using every legal avenue available and continue to highlight your employer’s outdated approach to care through our public Stuck in the Past campaign.

Please continue to check your emails, texts, and the www.stuckinthepast.ca website for all the latest updates

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