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Collective Bargaining Update

From June 26 to 28, your bargaining committee was back at the table negotiating with CarePartners to improve your working conditions. For this round of bargaining we had the assistance of an Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) conciliator, a neutral third party to assist with moving bargaining forward.

In response to the employer’s concessions, we took a firm stance on monetary increases. As home care workers, we are tired of being “Stuck In the Past” and want to move into the present, earn a living wage, and be able to afford retirement.

At this point there are still many outstanding issues that need to be addressed. We will continue to ramp up our “Stuck In the Past” campaign as we get more people involved in telling their stories about home care. A few clients have already shared their stories, but we need more voices to strengthen our campaign. Please look out for our advertisements in your local newspaper and encourage others to speak up! Here is an example of what some of the ads look like:

We appreciate your ongoing support and solidarity throughout the bargaining process. Please stay tuned as we will continue to update you by email and on www.stuckinthepast.ca

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