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March on the Boss

Last week, members from CarePartners across the province held rallies to let their employers know that their outdated ways of care are unacceptable. From April 8 to April 12, members marched on their bosses at six different branches: Quinte, Central West Peel, Chatham Kent, Simcoe, Wellington Waterloo, and Brockville.

Members working at CarePartners completed a survey about the health and safety issues they are experiencing in their workplace. With this information, SEIU Healthcare created “Most Stuck in the Past: Health and Safety Awards” that we presented to the employers at CarePartners. Some of the health and safety hazards include: dog bites, smoking in the home, missing care plans, harassment and bullying, bodily injuries, and infestations.

While the employers weren’t so receptive about their awards, we certainly made a lasting impression. Members and staff raised their voices up and made noise about how “Stuck in the Past” CarePartners really is.

Our media campaign continues as a way to support your bargaining committee. It is critical that all of you get behind your bargaining committee by participating in these actions. If you haven’t already, we urge you to get involved by sharing these posts on social media, sending pre-written letters to your MPP and by using the custom “Stuck in the Past” Facebook Frames. One simple action can make the biggest difference throughout bargaining! 


Photos and Video

Our members from Quinte recorded an important message to CarePartners:


Our members from Central West Peel delivered the award to their branch:


Check out our photo gallery from across the province:

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