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Dear Linda Knight,

Most personal support workers (PSWs) employed by CarePartners are passionate about helping people live with a sense of dignity and respect. PSWs care deeply about their job and their clients, but they are not cared for by you, their employer. Frontline healthcare workers do not do their jobs to get rich. Profits derived by for-profit organizations, such as the one you own, are never shared or re-invested into the needs of frontline workers. CarePartners experiences high level of staff turnover, largely because the working conditions of this employer are Stuck in the Past.

I write to you to address the injustices faced by PSWs employed by CarePartners across Ontario. The environments these PSWs work in fall well short of industry health and safety standards. CarePartners has failed to demonstrate that it values its frontline staff. This profitable business does not aim to improve the working lives of its employees.

While PSWs care for others’ health, they receive zero paid sick days to protect their own wellness. Many of them live paycheque to paycheque and have no retirement security options. Furthermore, CarePartners demonstrates little regard for their employees’ safety and well-being. On the job, PSWs experience numerous traumas, including bullying, harassment, second-hand smoke, dog bites, and exposure to bug infestations.

Linda, you have the power to improve the working lives of those you rely so heavily upon. Homecare is considered the future of the healthcare system, yet CarePartners is not meeting the needs of its workers today. Help turn what is now a lowly healthcare job, into something PSWs can be proud of. Help turn being a PSW into a lifelong career.


Collective bargaining update

From February 11 to February 14, 2019, your bargaining team met for the second time with your employer to continue negotiating your next collective agreement. During this round of bargaining, we tried to address monetary items and the remaining non-monetary issues.

Your employer proposed concessions, which means they want to remove items that are already in your current collective agreement. This is unacceptable!

We are not interested in their outdated, stuck in the past approach to healthcare. Your bargaining committee is standing firm and will not be pushed around. We have asked your employer to come back to the table with a more appropriate proposal.

In response to the CareParters offer, our president Sharleen Stewart has issued a statement to the media. You can read that by clicking here.

We urge you to continue supporting your bargaining team by participating in our media campaign, “Stuck in the Past”, at www.stuckinthepast.ca. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to, please submit our pre-written letters directly to your MPP and CarePartners’ CEO, Linda Knight, about the issues PSWs face daily and the need for change. To take action click here.

Also, please add our “Stuck in the Past” Facebook Profile Frame to your Facebook profile image (visit: www.stuckinthepast.ca/facebook/ for instructions). It is your right to do this and your employer cannot reprimand you taking this action. If you run into any issues from your employer, please contact your union representative immediately. Your friends and families can also access this photo frame.

We appreciate your ongoing support and solidarity throughout the bargaining process. We will continue to update you by email and on stuckinthepast.ca.

Please keep an eye out for upcoming direct actions.

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